What happens when a salesperson does not speak the customer’s language?


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9-9-Understanding-What-Your-Customer-Wants-and-Needs-300x167I have been making a case for the importance of salespeople playing to their customer’s personality preferences. You can read about this in my previous blogs – Selling using MBTI Personality Type Theory – Can This Really Work?, What is Your Buyer’s Personality Type?, and How to Increase Sales by Knowing Yourself and Your Customer.

The other day I was mucking about on the web, wandering from one site to another. It’s what I do when there is something that I should be doing but I can’t be asked given all the other more enjoyable things to do with my time. I will just make time later for the things I should be doing…This is my personality at play.

I don’t like deadlines, I don’t like to be pushed into a decision if I don’t feel I have enough information or if I want to keep my options open. What if I change my mind or something more fun comes up and I have locked myself into a decision? That’s just killing joy.

Most of all I don’t like the regrets I have when Continue reading

4 life lessons I’ve learned from the squash court


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squashI recently started playing squash on a regular basis at the beginning of this year. As someone who is high in energy and enjoys fast-paced sports I find squash to be the perfect workout for me as it is quick one of the greatest calorie-burning sports out there (hence you only need to play for 30 mins to burn off your lunch), requires constant concentration and focus and is a fantastic outlet as it allows me to get my heart rate up after a day of sitting in the office. Although I have only been playing properly for a short time, I have already learned a number of important lessons from squash that are applicable to life and business outside of the sport: Continue reading

Giving your staff a cause rather than a job


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Higher-Purpose_Nithyanandna_NewgenI have recently been running training courses in New Zealand in a range of areas from leadership, high performance and commercial acumen.  It has been enjoyable and allows me to interact with a range of very positive and constructive people. When running these group courses, we discuss a lot of themes that centre on how leaders and leadership teams effectively engage staff in a range of areas.  We explore what works and what doesn’t, as well as working through how important engaging the hearts and minds of staff is, regardless of the topic, in order  to be an effective leader.

This is quite challenging for most leaders to Continue reading

Thought Leadership on Project Management: The Rolling Stones


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Rolling Stones“(I can’t get no) Satisfaction”

Any project manager that is genuinely satisfied with where things are at has one of two problems. Either they are not running a project, or they are missing something.

A project is like juggling chainsaws: Continue reading

Engaging with the right partner at the right time in business


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013013-husband-and-wife-CEOI am co-founder and co-owner of all our business ventures and have worked side by side with my husband and business partner, Kym for the past five years. Kym and I are very different, but our knowledge, skills, experience and passion complements each other. Like all of our team members we both have clearly defined roles and responsibilities within our business and we consider ourselves equal partners.

Despite this, it still frustrates me how some of our Continue reading

How to increase sales by knowing yourself and your customer


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6a00e54ee3905b8833017d3ceda9fd970cRecently I wrote two blogs about selling using personality type theory – Selling using MBTI Personality Type Theory – Can This Really Work? and What is your Buyer’s Personality Type? This blog will explore selling something to a valuable client in a way that plays to their personality.

I want to stress the importance of having a sales process, and that the intention of combining personality type theory with selling is to reinforce your existing sales process in a way that works best for you rather than to replace it.

To reinforce your sales process by accommodating the customer’s preference you must Continue reading

You can’t hit a target you can’t see and neither can your project manager


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dartboardWorking on large projects as a high performance coach is challenging. I see myself as working with a puzzle where all the pieces need to be put together. Some of the pieces include:


  • project governance
  • key results
  • leadership team
  • team health
  • different teams
  • stakeholders
  • programme
  • budget
  • risk and opportunity management
  • quality, systems and processes
  • vision, goals, stretch targets and strategies
  • plant and equipment utilisation
  • sub-contractor management

These are just a few of the key initiatives and inputs that need to be brought together to work together as one.   Total alignment, synergy and all outcome driven to what we are looking to deliver on the path to high performance.

One of the most critical roles in delivering this outcome of total alignment on projects is Continue reading

What is your buyer’s MBTI personality type?


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How-Much-Money-You-Make-Based-on-Your-Personality-ftrRecently I wrote a blog about selling using personality type theory. To further explore selling something to a valuable client in a way that plays to their personality here is a brief overview/refresher of the MBTI.

The MBTI sorts people into 4 areas of preference:

  1. Where they get their energy from and what they focus on – Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I)
  2. How they take in information – Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)
  3. How they make decisions – Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
  4. How they deal with the world – Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

An Extravert gains energy from plenty of interaction and thinking aloud as opposed to introverts who could lose energy from the interaction.

“Tell me more about this” vs. Continue reading

Be proud of who you are becoming rather than who you currently are


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effective-project-teamsOne of the most enjoyable aspects of my role is working one on one with clients to develop them as leaders, people and role models.   A lot of the work I do in this space is through the use of the Human Synergistic tools including the Leadership Impact (LI) and the Life Styles Inventory (LSI).

I recently came back from overseas from doing a week of one on one coaching with a leadership team.  I was very excited about going to do these sessions as we had eighteen months ago taken them through their LSI results at the start of the project. Each person went through the process of receiving feedback on how they think and how others see them. This was undertaken one on one in a trusting environment focussed on growth through the provision of appropriate care and candour.

The entire goal of the coaching was to Continue reading

Selling using MBTI personality type theory – can this really work?


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how-to-negotiate-on-a-used-car-salesmanBefore answering this question let’s start by defining selling.

Some say it is an art, others say it’s a process or it’s a way you help people make the decisions to buy something. Others believe it’s the fastest way to get promoted into management due to the highly transferable nature of the skills required to sell effectively.

One of the best salespeople I ever met used to love antagonising other business functions by announcing often “nothing happens in business until somebody makes a sale”…. Continue reading